About Us

Inspired by my obsession with handbags...

… And a love of fabulous accessories, At Paula & Chlo we have curated a collection of statement accessories that compliment a busy lifestyle.  Our gorgeous jewelry, luxury cashmere, stylish scarves and designer handbags  serve as an anchor, to embellish and adorn a woman’s look.  We believe in modern luxury basics to enhance the wardrobe and inspire women to confidently step out in style and conquer their day.
We admire a woman's sense of style!
Paula & Chlo launched in 2012, my online boutique is a family company, which I run with my husband Randy and our precious Australian shepherd Chloe.  Using my customer service background from the restaurant industry, my goal goes beyond providing stylish essentials for women, but instead building relationships and offering excellent customer service and a boutique experience.  

We love women who master the art of style and celebrate in their understanding of honing their own unique look.  What makes our collection exceptional is our selection of quality accessories that inspire and celebrates a woman’s distinct sense of taste.  We believe that outer beauty should reflect inner beauty, and we’ve curated a collection of exquisite cashmere, relaxed and vibrant contemporary clothing, covetable boutique accessories, and luxe everyday designer handbags to complement their individual experience and reflect the lifestyle she embodies.    



What Sets Us Apart

We’re passionate about connecting with our customers, and each order is accompanied by an unrivaled degree of support.  We offer real time recommendations by request, and a human touch that makes your shopping experience as effortless and enjoyable as the items in our collection.  Our selection of IT local and international designers reflect the most cutting edge styles.  Check out our wide assortment of jewelry, kaftans, luxe cashmere, scarves and more.