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About us

paula with friend michelle

Paula (right) with friend Michelle at an "Outstanding in the Field" Dinner event

Inspired by my obsession with handbags

And a love of fabulous accessories, I’ve curated a collection where passion and purpose come together, one that is meant to work with your busy lifestyle. Our collection of accessories embellish those basics with gorgeous jewelry, luxurious cashmere, amazing scarves, and designer handbags. In short, my back-to-basics philosophy incorporates modern luxury pieces as core building blocks for you to put together your own unique, one-of-a-kind look.

We want every woman to
find her own fabulous, unique style

Growing up in my parent’s Italian restaurant included hard work and wonderful food. Since I’m still a foodie at heart (and food pictures will always be on my Instagram feed,) I wanted to start something that captured the sense of warmth and good company that I grew up with, two essentials at the core of what we do at Paula & Chlo.

Since 2012, our boutique has been a family operation, started with my husband, Randy, and Chloe, my precious Australian shepherd and partial namesake for our store. Using my background in the restaurant industry, our focus goes much further than providing women everywhere with the most stylish, effortless looks. We build relationships with our clients and provide a truly boutique experience each and every time.

Paula & Chlo is all about helping others craft their own unique styles. What makes our collection truly exceptional is our aspiration to empower women: to create their own authentic look, to embrace their distinctive individual personalities, and to make a personal statement that reflects the life they desire. We believe that outer beauty should reflect inner beauty, and we’ve curated a collection of exquisite cashmere, relaxed and vibrant contemporary clothing, covetable boutique accessories, and luxe designer everyday handbags to complement your individual experience.

paula and randy

Paula and Randy

What sets us apart

Online shopping is easy, but a genuinely boutique experience goes beyond, matching perfect curation with custom personal connection. At Paula & Chlo, we’re passionate about connecting with our customers, and each order is accompanied by an unrivaled degree of support, real time recommendations by request, and a human touch that makes your shopping experience as effortless and enjoyable as the items in our collection. Whether your interests tend toward luxe cashmere, edgy contemporary fashion designs, or a combination of motifs, our selections reflect the most cutting edge and enduringly chic influences from both local and international designers. In addition to an unparalleled selection of luxe scarves, signature jewelry, exquisite kaftans, cashmere clothing, laidback everyday accessories, upscale home decor items, and much more, we’re also pleased to offer a custom shopping experience that is second to none.