Bailey 44

Bailey 44

Bailey 44 Women’s Clothing

Based in sunny L.A., Bailey 44 designs women’s clothing that offers the best effortless twists on classic styles. From not-so-basic basics like chic tops and tees to dresses that make for jaw-dropping evening looks, Bailey 44 clothing is designed to the be ultimate celebration of fun, flirty, confidant style.

Endlessly Wearable & Beautiful Clothing

Bailey 44 women’s clothing is also crafted with wearability in mind. Each piece reflects an obsessive dedication to making clothes as genuinely comfortable as they are beautiful, so that women can dress confidently and feel like their best, truest selves. Each collection highlights the creative use of breathable fabrics and natural cuts for flexibility, allowing clothes to move effortlessly. With a much-loved range of tops, pants, and dresses, Bailey 44 clothing is a contemporary go-to in both philosophy and style.

Authentic Looks for Your Lifestyle

Unlike many brands, Bailey 44’s collections are designed by fashion industry insiders who create styles based on intuition, not passing trends. Each piece is created with real women in mind. Whether you’re looking to add a touch of sophistication to a professional wardrobe, some effortlessly sexy pieces for fun nights out, or some chic everyday classics, Bailey 44 women’s clothing is the perfect collection to begin.