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Grisal Scarves

Cashmere Love Two Scarf - Jeans Stripe

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A customer favorite - the Grisal Love scarf even better as the Love Two Scarf. This scarf is just a bit thicker than the original love scarf. It's still a three season must- have. Done in Jeans Stripe, a really versatile blue jean color that will go with so many colors. So pretty! Made from 100% cashmere, produced by artisan craftsmen in Japan. The knitting process is slow and gentle ensuring a high-quality product. The cashmere yarn is sourced from the Alashan region of Mongolia, known for its cashmere. For multi-season use and without a typical “fuzzy” feeling. This makes an amazing gift and it's Unisex too!
100% Cashmere
9 ft length meant to wrap and layer