Camilla Kaftans & Dresses

 For those whose ultimate wish is to have a sexy go-to wardrobe item as genuinely comfy as it is irresistibly fashionable, look no further than the contemporary kaftan. From lounge ready daywear to stocking the ideal international travel wardrobe, no variation on this classic (and current) style gets it more right than Camilla kaftans and dresses. To help you discover your own favorite style and lock down a distinctively unique look, we’ve assembled our absolute favorite Camilla Kaftans . Peruse our specially curated collection of kaftans, maxi dresses, and tops and unlock your inner bohemian goddess.

 Why We Love Camilla

 The perfect kaftan is about so much more than slapping a creative print on a one-size-fits-all garment. Pure luxe silk and elegant detailing define these stunning Camilla kaftans and dresses, and each unique piece is designed to bring out the natural beauty of the wearer. A range of prints, from tropical-inspired designs to chic cosmopolitan patterns that are straight out of Marrakesh and China, set apart the definitive style of authentic Camilla kaftans. With her new Chinese Whispers collection of opulent Chinese art-inspired pieces, Camilla’s silhouettes are underscored by dreamlike draping and only the highest quality materials, making these kaftans and maxi dresses fresh, versatile favorites at home and abroad. They're the perfect resort wear pieces for your next trip.

 Internationally Inspired

 Whether you’re looking to up your everyday style game, selecting a few key pieces for an upcoming tropical getaway, or redefining your wardrobe with some irresistible boho chic statements, Camilla kaftan and dresses are a fashion-forward must have. We invite you to explore our top picks from this covetable go-to designer and to discover the perfect new look to express your personal sense of style and adventure.