Caroline Grace

Caroline Grace

Caroline Grace Cashmere Designs

Beauty, versatility, and effortless luxury: these are the calling cards of Caroline Grace cashmere, a brand famed for its gorgeous, colorful cashmere dress toppers and accessories. The signature Trade Wind Cotton Cashmere Poncho Dress Topper boasts the same timeless design as the Claudia Nichole style rendered in 100% cashmere, and is also available in an elegant fringe version. Crafted from the perfect blend of 95% cotton and 5% cashmere, this piece is breathable, comfortable, visually striking, and endlessly wearable, making it an en pointe wardrobe essential for all year round.

Discover the World’s Finest Cashmere

Alashan cashmere is named for a region in the Inner Mongolian Province of China. In this area prone to cold winds and harsh winters, the most coveted and high-quality cashmere is produced. As such, Caroline Grace cashmere always exudes an extraordinary quality and dedication to superior craftsmanship, and represents the best way to indulge in what is truly the finest cashmere on earth.

A Kaleidoscope of Colors

One of the most fabulous aspects of Caroline Grace cashmere designs are the virtually unlimited selection of colors! From chic tones of earthy Himalayan brown and Mongolian cream to bold shades of Malibu pink and Antigua blue, you’re sure to find the ideal color for you or someone special. Best yet, this Alashan cashmere essential can be worn in four different ways, to perfectly reflect your own unique style impulses. For questions about color, sizing, or to request a variation you don’t see on the site, we invite you to call us anytime at 888.980.8989, and we’ll be delighted to help you.