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Harper + Ari

Exfoliating Sugar Cubes - Best Sellers Gift Box


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These totally smell good enough to eat ( but please don't). Harper + Ari Exfoliating Sugar Cubes are sized perfectly for individual use. Take one cube in your hands and break it up with a little water, then scrub and nourish your entire body while in the shower or bath. This little gift set of the best sellers contains 2 Peach Exfoliating Sugar Cubes, 2 Coconut Exfoliating Sugar Cubes and 2 Lemon Exfoliating Sugar Cubes 

Packaged in a boxed set with 6 exfoliating sugar cubes

These are for body only.

Body products are a final sale.

Recommended use - 2x week

Paraben, Sulfate & Cruelty Free