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Margo Morrison New York

The best jewelry is all about making a truly distinctive visual statement, and Margo Morrison jewelry excels at doing just that. Designed as a representation of “visual music,” this jewelry brand seeks to create pieces that feature semi-precious stones and high-quality pearls that appear to be artfully suspended much like musical notes on a staff. Drawing on designer Margo Morrison’s own background as a classical and orchestral musician, one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces from Margo Morrison New York have become a natural favorite among A-list celebrities and lovers of elegant, artistic jewelry.

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Exquisite Composition

Each piece of Margo Morrison jewelry is exquisitely designed to create a suspended, “floating” effect in keeping with the designer’s vision. Each faceted gemstone or pearl is connected by a knotted beige nylon cord, which visually disappears against the wearer’s skin to create the floating effect. Hardware such as silver toggles along with uniquely fashioned berries and twigs add to the natural appeal and understated details Mango Morrison is known for.

Natural Inspiration

Visually striking and captivating, each distinct piece of jewelry from Margo Morrison New York is designed to bring out a wearer’s natural beauty, featuring a style as naturally inspired as it is sophisticated and contemporary. Explore our collection of Margo Morrison jewelry to find a stunning new statement piece, an eye-catching addition to your fine jewelry collection, or the perfect gift.