Raffaello Rossi Candy Pant is the pant with the perfect fit, something this brand is know for. Imported from Germany and made with Italian high-tech jersey fabric, this pant is the perfect woman's pant

The Perfect fit

Raffaello Rossi

This brands mission is consistent, demanding and sustainable: they want to enrich modern women with trousers made with the highest expertise, best quality, and the perfect fit.

Candy Pants in 3 Warm Neutral Shades of Taupe

Shadow Grey Candy Pants

Shadow Grey is a grey but has a bit of a taupe look to it. It is lighter than Toffee.

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Toffee Candy Pants - a light taupe. A great warm neutral. goes great with white, black, brown. burgundy, navy and more.

Toffee Candy Pants

Toffee is a rich warm neutral that pairs nicely with black, navy, white, burgundy, olive and so much more.

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Taupe Candy Pants

Taupe is another great warm neutral. It is darker than Toffee. Pair it with black, cream, navy, pinks, burgundy and more.

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Candy Pants in 3 Cool Neutral Shades of Grey

Light Grey Candy Pants

Very light grey.

Light Grey

Castlerock Candy Pants

A medium cool grey.

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Slate Grey Candy Pants

A dark neutral grey.

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Candy Pants in 3 shades of Olive

Khaki Candy Pants

khaki is the lightest of the three with a little more brown base.

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Olivin Candy Pants

Close to khaki but with a bit more green and a little darker than khaki.


Dark Olive Candy Pants

The darkest of the three. It is a great neutral that goes great with navy, black, beige, burgundy and red.

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